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Our Tenants' Services:

Home Improvements

We have brought in a variety of companies relating to home improvements. These companies offer multiple services and products ranging from lighting fixtures to authorized appliance sellers.

These companies provider their services to property owners who are looking to make cosmetic changes to their property.

Material Wholesalers
Trim stone for sale

The main target of these companies are trades people who are looking to buy material for their clients. They may also provide related services.

These companies strictly work with trades people and may choose to work with end users. Their products range from flooring tile to dry wall.

Residential Construction
Building a House

These are companies focusing on residential construction from basement renovation all the way to building a new house.

They are working with property owners to bring their dreams to reality.

Commercial Construction
Image by Mark Potterton

We have arranged to bring some commercial service providers on board. Their services may range from renting equipment to providing infrastructure related services.


They generally focus on a specific area of construction and specialize in one thing only.

These companies solely work with project owners or general contractors. 

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