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We facilitate for all construction companies related to your project to work together. We have done our part and brought them together under one roof so that you can explore your options in one place. Now it is your turn to meet and select your service provider as per your requirements. It is as easy as 1-2-3.


Visit The Construction Centre In Markham


We have over 30 vendors located under one roof for your convenience. You might be able to arrange all your construction needs within a few hours. Please remember that some of the vendors are by appointment only. Alternatively, you may go to our directory to contact them and make your arrangements accordingly.


Meet Your Service Provider(s)

Once you decide to pick your service provider, you may proceed to make contract arrangements accordingly. Alternatively, you may prefer to meet all related stakeholders together to clarify your needs with each one of them. You may arrange to make them work together for the efficiency of your project.


Follow Up During Construction


For all inquiries and concerns, you may contact your construction service provider directly. Please remember that we are not involved in any aspect of your project whatsoever. We simply offer the space for the construction companies to be located in one place. We take no responsibility for any of the work and/or product provided by our tenants. Each one of our tenants are independently owned and operated. 

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