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                  Business Point focuses on industrial condominium real estate,

offering all aspects of development from ownership to beyond construction

Each project we have are taken with the utmost care to deliver exceptional quality to all our purchasers and end users.

Thus, whatever you’re looking for, whether it be big or small, we exceed expectations with more creativity and more engagement to provide a building solution that will allow you and your business to excel and reach its full potential.

We also work hard to maintain high-quality dynamic relationships with all our stakeholders. It is our company’s commitment to remain supporting our customers and preserving life-long relations to strive for success.



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In a ceremony Bonnie Crombie, Mayor of Mississauga, Deepak Anand, MPP, and prominent members of Canada’s Afghan community, Business Point broke ground on their new industrial condos.

The project, named 5250 Solar Drive, is 41-unit multi-use industrial condos based in Mississauga’s Airport Corporate Center. The project is expected to come live in the fall of 2020, when the city approves the building and new businesses move in.

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